Thursday, January 4, 2018


Well, a new year is here! I am excited to try to keep up with my scrapbooking in an interesting new way! :)
I am taking part in the Scrapbooks and Cards today class.  It is a year long and hopefully will keep me creative throughout the whole year.

Resolutions! I have many this year and usually I only have a couple. I do plan on scrapbooking these and going back to them later on in the year to see how I"m doing with it! :)

Here Goes Nothing!   I figure if I post them I will make myself accountable, even if no one reads this thing...I do! :)

2. NO Scrapbook spending, not even adhesive or cardstock, I have plenty! 
3. No Working at home! (bringing school work and/or paper work). They don't see it that I deserve a raise, I don't see why I should I bring it all home to do!
4. Reduce my stash by at least 25%. Whether I use it, sell it, or give it away. I need to reduce my stuff! I have way more than I will ever use and more than I can use in a lifetime.
5. Lose weight...seriously...I'm a cow! 
6. Work harder on procrastination...I have gotten much better, but I tend to put off things I hate to do. (see my filing...eeks)
7. LESS social media...(see number 6) LOL
8. Most important...FOLLOW MY GUT!!! If it says NO, believe it!

I am hoping all are doing well. Here is a current picture of Me and my husband...I hope my face isn't quite as chunky next time I post! :) 

This is our 30th Anniversary photo. (12-30-2017)  30 years is a big deal.  Such a big deal my sweet husband got me a string of pearls, such beautiful pearls. I am so in love with this guy. 
Happy New Year Everyone! 

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