Tuesday, July 10, 2018


It seems I am always reorganizing my room or my home in some way.  I just recently reorganized all our photo albums from the 2 up traditional photo albums from Wal-mart to using 6 picture photo sleeves.  WOW, what a job.  30+ years of photos.  It was such a large job.  The years 2004-2007 were the hardest because they had the most pictures.  (I got my first SLR Christamas 2003) and boy did I take PICTUREs!!!

I am pleased with the organization now and with the reorganziation of my Scrapbooks.  I did "The Big Picture" Scrapbooking idea for album organzation.  What I ended up with was not a clear idea on how to label some of my pages.  Some of the mixed up pages like, my daughter Bethanie with her cousins...did this fall under "Bethanie" or "People We Love" or "Things we do?"  I went to a choronological scrapbook..it is easier.  The only bad thing I'm finding now, if I loved a picture I would scrap it under Bethie, then people we love, then family, etc.  So now I have the same picture in the same chronological album 3 times. LOL.  Ok then! hahahaha.  It is a lesson learned, but my speed of putting things away is amazing.  I can find the pictures I want, scan and print the picture and then do the page and put it away all relatively quickly.  (I usually just stacked my layouts or put them in the "for now" album).

I have reorganized some other things as well, the cricut cartridges and books are now in my closet. I do not need the physical cartridges now that I no longer have a machine that will run them. (Yes I finally sold my Imagine)so I only have mom's expression at work, the size control is broken so I can only use the gypsy with it to make it work.  I have no need for all these cartridges taking up 6 drawers in my scraproom and I have lots of stamp stuff and ink just hanging out all over the place.  So, I put the cricut cartridges in the closet upstairs. (anyone interested in buying linked cartridges CHEAP?) All my acrylic blocks are in one crawer, embossing pwders and trays, and ink pads...OH MY GOSH..ink pads. I think I should get rid of some Close To My Heart inkpads. Between the colorbox, Close to My Heart and distress inks, they took up 3 drawers. Then I am sure I don't want the oxide inks because I just don't have the room! LOL.

I know that not many people read all of this stuff and usually come here just for the target organizer (that I got rid of almost 9 years ago!) LOL

Thank you for reading and understanding why I'm so excited about organization.  IT has changed my work flow and I'm getting a lot more done in my beautiful room. I'm not overwhelmed or undproductive in here anymore!

Have a wonderful day and next time I will have a blast from the past page up here! (what I"m working on now)!

Have fun in all your endeavours!

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Well, a new year is here! I am excited to try to keep up with my scrapbooking in an interesting new way! :)
I am taking part in the Scrapbooks and Cards today class.  It is a year long and hopefully will keep me creative throughout the whole year.

Resolutions! I have many this year and usually I only have a couple. I do plan on scrapbooking these and going back to them later on in the year to see how I"m doing with it! :)

Here Goes Nothing!   I figure if I post them I will make myself accountable, even if no one reads this thing...I do! :)

2. NO Scrapbook spending, not even adhesive or cardstock, I have plenty! 
3. No Working at home! (bringing school work and/or paper work). They don't see it that I deserve a raise, I don't see why I should I bring it all home to do!
4. Reduce my stash by at least 25%. Whether I use it, sell it, or give it away. I need to reduce my stuff! I have way more than I will ever use and more than I can use in a lifetime.
5. Lose weight...seriously...I'm a cow! 
6. Work harder on procrastination...I have gotten much better, but I tend to put off things I hate to do. (see my filing...eeks)
7. LESS social media...(see number 6) LOL
8. Most important...FOLLOW MY GUT!!! If it says NO, believe it!

I am hoping all are doing well. Here is a current picture of Me and my husband...I hope my face isn't quite as chunky next time I post! :) 

This is our 30th Anniversary photo. (12-30-2017)  30 years is a big deal.  Such a big deal my sweet husband got me a string of pearls, such beautiful pearls. I am so in love with this guy. 
Happy New Year Everyone! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

September Scrapfest

I'm back in the studio doing what i love to do! Creating. School is in, the year is not so good, but I'm blessed with a job with little people who are really fun. So I will keep it for now. :) It can only get BETTER!

As I was saying I'm in the studio again...making beautiful things...ok, pretty things...ok, stuff I like to do! I have been using mostly swap stuff so I can get things "DONE!" But soon that will be over too.

September Scrapfest is going on right now for my Facebook group and it is motivating me to scrapbook many pages. I am cannot believe I am already at 28 pages this month. I am lucky to get 2 or 3 done a month and now I am at almost 30.  That is only because I made lots of kits before the weekend crop last week. (was it really only a week ago?)

Here is the page I made last night. Lots of premade items and I actually used some very old Basic Grey chipboard letters and painted them! I'm serious, I really painted my letters with, believe it or not, Making Memories paint. Of course the stuff is so old I had to use a pallet knife to pull it out of the bottle, but I got what I needed and used it! Oh and the papers are all Basic Grey Dasher. (Everything I used on the layout was 10 years old except for the snowflake rosette die from Tim Holtz, it's only 8 years old!) LOL  I still love Basic Grey and still miss this company. 

I have really slowed down on buying Scrapbook stuff because I have so much good stuff to use, I really have the best store in town. I do not feel the need to shop much anymore. :) I still love to look at new toys on Simon Says Stamp and different websites and fill up a cart, but I don't feel the need to  checkout anymore. 

Something else that is happening, I am probably going to lose my consultant status on my Close To My Heart business. I am just not willing to pay for the items to keep my status. So, if I don't get any orders this month, I will be out.  

Not anything else going on scrappy wise, when I have more to add and the time to come here, I will show it off! 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Happy Place

Is in my little bitty Studio...It is more a Scrapbook room with a conglomeration of STUFF than the studio term. Nor would I say my stuff is "art" but I like it and that is what counts! :)

I have more stuff than I will ever use but this is a fun place to be. Bethie (my sweet daughter) is starting to come with me to my room.  She loves to create in here too.

It is my fun place and a way to get away from the stresses of life. Work, and relationship...just plain making stuff and fun!

My happy place is a SCRAP place!

Laura Lee